Friday, December 9, 2011

Pinterest = Pinspiration

I love crafting and Pinterest feeds that love... love, obsession, whatever you would like to call it. Pinterest is a site where I can find ideas for anything I wish to make. The great thing about my new situation in life- that of a housewife- is that I actually have time to do the crafts that I find on Pinterest. Here are some of my recent Pinterest conquests:

1) Ornament Wreath

This was the first craft that I did after discovering Pinterest. The directions I followed can be found HERE. *There are pictures along with the instructions*

First, buy pretty ornaments from the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or any other store that sells packages of ornaments for $1- $3. Also find a wire hanger. (Hopefully you had not recently thrown them all away like I had). Untwist the hanger and shape it into a circle. Hot glue the ornament tops so they do not pop off. Arrange the ornament by sliding them onto the hanger making sure to vary the sizes so there are fewer gaps. The final step in the instructions that I followed is to twist the ends of the hanger back together and attach a ribbon to the wreath to hand. I added one final step to my wreath. I bought a gold garland from Michaels, cut pieces from it, and glued it in between ornaments on the wreath.

Here is my finished product:

2) Glitter ornaments with no mess.

Gather your supplies: Floor wax- I used Pledge with Future Shine, clear glass ornaments found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, fine glitter, and a funnel.

Take the tops off the ornaments. Pour a little bit of floor wax in an ornament. Gently swirl it in the ornament so that the entire inside is coated. Do not shake it or there will be bubbles. Pour the leftover liquid back into the bottle which will coat the neck of the ornament. Pour the glitter into the ornament using the funnel. Swish the glitter around to coat the inside. Put your thumb on the top and shake the ornament to ensure that the neck is coated. Pour the leftover glitter back into the bottle. Put the top back on. I added gold letter stickers to spell "Merry Christmas".

Those are two of the projects that I have done from Pinterest. Stayed tuned for future crafting accomplishments.